You may be one of the many men who wish they had that deeper and well-modulated voice. Of course, we all admire how deejays speak over the radio and their soothing voice makes their programs more appealing to listeners. You probably wish you know some techniques on how to have a deeper voice.

But what makes a deeper voice attractive? A deep voice makes you more attractive to women. Indeed, it is one of the things that women love in guys. Women can fall in love by just listening to your voice - this is probably why women can go gaga over a deejay even and probably why they are more appealing to women.

Aside from boosting your appeal to women, a deeper voice can also be of big help if you want to project a confident and reliable you. Especially if you are looking for a job, having a deep and well-modulated voice can make you look confident, capable and trustworthy. Other than these, there are also a lot more benefits that you can get from having a deep voice.

For males, having a deep voice sure has a lot of advantages. Their deep voice tends to impress a lot of people even through the telephone. Deep male voice signifies strength of personality, dominance, authority and confidence. In addition to that, many women find males with deep voices to be sexy and very masculine. It is not surprising that a lot of men want to have a deeper voice than what they already have. Because of this, a great deal of males are finding ways to enhance their deep male voice. 


Whether you have a squeaky voice or you just want to improve your voice more, here are some tips and techniques on how to have a deeper voice.

- Sing. Indeed, singing can help you get a deep and good quality voice. This is because singing can exercise your vocal chords and help you practice varying the pitch of your voice. Improving your voice with singing is also a fun way on how to have a deeper voice.

- Strengthen your vocal chords. Your squeaky voice may be a result of weak vocal chords, thus it would be a big help to strengthen your vocal chords. One thing that can help you strengthen your vocal chords is to make sure you have proper nutrition and diet. Manage stress in your life as this is also one cause of weak vocal chords.

- Try some breathing exercises. Learning the proper breathing is indeed one good way to deepen your voice. A very good breathing exercise that can help you achieve a deeper voice is to practice breathing from your diaphragm or belly breathing. You can check if you are doing your breathing right by placing a hand on your belly and feel your stomach moving up and down as you breathe. Correct breathing will help you a lot in gaining control over your voice in speaking and even in singing.

- Find a voice coach. If you want to have a guided session on deepening your voice, you can also find some voice conditioning tutorials from voice coaches to help you practice a lot of exercises to develop a deeper voice. If you do not have the luxury of time for voice coaching, you can also find convenient self-help resources on how to have a deeper voice. What is important is for you to follow correct procedure to avoid doing harm than good to your voice.


Ideal men have always been characterized with tall and dark handsome looks along with a deep voice. Millions of men having a high-pitched voice wish to deepen it further. However, each person is different and has got a unique voice of his own. Proper care and patience along with some time and perseverance has to be exercised to change your voice. Some of the tips to do this are as follows:

* Relax: Keeping your body and mind tension free also helps in relaxing your vocal cords apart from your own physical self. When you are tensed and stressed out, your vocal cords are also strained resulting in a higher pitch. Even if your stress is unavoidable, try and learn some relaxation techniques or breathing exercises that help you in losing stress. Loose and relaxed vocals help in producing deeper reverberations in the chest and adding a deep timbre to your voice.

* Start Voice Exercises: Most of us don't ever put any emphasis on exercising our voice even though we may be a big fitness freak. Voice exercises involve humming, singing in your deepest possible voice, and even heavy metal scream singing. When you start these exercises, you will experience an itching feeling at the back of your throat. This would go away with regular practice. Singing along a heavy metal music song including the grunting and growling voices is also a great way to exercise your vocal chords.

* Mentholated Rub: Put a coat of mentholated chest rub on your chest every night. This would help in clearing your voice and improving your breathing. This, in turn, would certainly lead to further deepening of your voice.

* Speak Slowly: You should practice to speak more slowly with proper body language. Further, you should also hold your head up and try to project your voice directly from your chest. This will surely help your voice to carry a much larger distance without any strenuous effort on your side.

* Speak using the back of your throat: This step is much more difficult than the previous ones. This technique involves a lot of practice. You should try and imagine that you have an egg stuck at the back of your tongue while speaking. This will open up your throat and help project your voice from your chest rather than from your nose which is the main cause of a high pitched voice.

These are just a few pointers and training exercises that can help you in deepening your voice. They will help in loosening up your chords and will relax your voice box, thus providing you a lower tone and deeper voice. However, at the time of doing these voice workouts, you should practice recording your voice so that you can track any changes that may have occurred. Also practice breathing with your abdomen rather than using your chest for the same. Regular training of your vocal chords will show remarkable results and help you in achieving that deep voice you cove so much for.